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NFL Record & Fact Book 2014
By Editors at the NFL
The NFL Record and Fact Book 2014 is a must for every football fan. This popular reference book is jam-packed with all the facts and figures a football fan would ever want, including all-time records, team rosters and schedules, past standings, Super Bowl results, and more.
100 Yards of Glory
By Joe Garner
he Immaculate Reception. The Ice Bowl. The Music City Miracle. The Catch. For nearly a century, the National Football League has provided fans with pulse-pounding moments on the gridiron.
The NFL Shadow Betting Strategy
By T. Glenn Anderson
The annual NFL SuperContest (aka the Super Contest) is the biggest and most popular pro football picking contest of all time in which entrants pick 5 games per week and the winner gets close to a million dollars.
Win $700,000 This Football Season!
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You bet it is! Somebody did it last year (actually he won just under $900,000), and somebody else (possibly you?) is going to do it again this year. How? The answer is only a click away!
Lem Bankers Sports Betting
By Lem Banker
This legendary book was out of print for more than 15 years. Banker, a veteran of over 40 years in sports betting, focuses on betting football, basketball, baseball and boxing.
Smart Sports Betting
By Matt Rudnitsky
You know everything about sports, so why aren't you rich betting on them? Sports betting is hard. But armed with this book, things will get easier.
How to Beat the Pro Football Pointspread
By Bobby Smith
In this second edition that takes into consideration the perpetually evolving NFL rules, How to Beat the Pro Football Pointspread continues to set bettors on a confidence-building path lined with high-priority.

Everything there is to know when betting on Football

When it comes to betting on the most popular sport in North America, there are a variety of ways in which you can place a bet. Whether its college football (NCAAF) you fancy or the NFL, there are a number of ways for bettors to find action.

Below are all the popular ways that you can enjoy throwing down on your favorite gridiron team.

Let’s get started before the coin is tossed and the action gets underway somewhere.

Point Spread Betting

With football point spread betting, you’re betting on either the favored team to win by more than the set point spread or the underdog to ‘cover the chalk’ or win outright.

For example, let’s say you’re looking at some odds that look like this.

Philadelphia -3.5 (-110)

Atlanta +3.5 (-110)

In this scenario, if you like the defending Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles to cover the spread, you’re going to be betting $110 to win $100 on Carson Wentz and the Birds to win by four points or more. If you like Matt Ryan and the underdog Atlanta Falcons to either lose by three points or less or win outright, it’s also going to cost you $110 to win $100. Since this point spread has a half-point attached to it, there is no scenario where a Push (tie) can come into play. It’s either going to be a win or loss for every bettor.

Moneyline Betting

Okay, let’s say you’re betting on a college football matchup featuring Penn State against Michigan and the Nittany Lions are home favorites. You might see a moneyline that looks like this.

Penn State -175

Michigan +180

In this case, if you like Penn State to win outright, you’re going to be betting $175 to win $100. if you like Jim Harbaugh’s Wolverines to get the outright upset, a $100 wager will give you a nice return of $180.

Of course, you’re going to need to weigh several factors like home and away performances, quarterback play and coaching, but you get the idea!

Total Betting

If you want to take the guesswork out of which team is going to win the game, you can always make a simple Over/Under total wager on the combined final score of both teams. To be clear, you are betting on the total score between the teams rather that which one wins.  For instance, you might see some odds that look like this.

Miami vs. Buffalo

Over 45 (-110)

Under 45 (-125)

In this scenario, you’re betting on the final score between the Dolphins and Bills to either score a combined over or under 45 total points. Of course, knowing how offensively-challenged Miami is and that the Bills are now a defensive juggernaut, the Under is the likely outcome here, which is why oddsmakers have set the figure at -$125.  The over in this case is a slightly better payday because of those factors.

Props Betting

In addition to previously aforementioned means of betting you can also bet on both, NFL and college football with Parlay Betting, Teaser Betting, Futures Betting and Buying Points Betting.

Parlay Betting

A parlay bet means you’re simply stringing two or more wagers together in the hopes of cashing in bigger. The more wagers you string together, the bigger your payday will be. Of course, you need to nail each wager correctly. Losing one of those wagers means you lose your parlay.

Teaser Betting

Teaser betting is a fan-favorite way of betting on football. With teaser betting, you must make at least two wagers like a parlay with both bets coming out correct. With teaser betting, however, you get to move the point spread in your favor, generally, by either 6, 6.5 or 7 points depending on the number of wagers in your teaser!

Futures Betting

With a futures odds wager, you get to look into your crystal ball and make a long-term bet on things like the Super Bowl winner, division or college football conference winners. You can also make player props futures odd or wagers on specific outcomes like the Heisman Trophy, NFL MVP or Defensive Player of the Year winner.

Buying Points Betting

Buying points? You can actually ‘buy points’ on NFL and college football games. For example, let’s say you see a line like this.

New England -3 (-110)

Jacksonville +3 (-110)

Let’s say you like Jacksonville, but you think the final score could fall directly on three points. You could then buy a half-point for, generally, 25 percent per each half-point. Buying a half-point would then make the Jags +3.5 underdogs and would cost you (-135).

Research Like a Mad Scientist!

Last but not least, and its true, the more research you do, the more books you read, the more people you speak with the bigger success you will have betting on NFL or college football.


Gathering information from knowledgeable sources such as the books we sell here and studying trends such as home and away performances will give you a great idea of just what to expect out of both teams on any gridiron affair you’re thinking about betting on!